How to Reach Me


Phone: +250 789 910 813, but iMessage should still work –

Skype: peteisaac22

Facebook profile:

Twitter: @Peteisaac

Instagram: peteisaac

Packages, letters, etc., may be sent to the following address:

Pete Isaac
Peace Corps Volunteer
BP 205
Muhanga, Rwanda


5 thoughts on “How to Reach Me

  1. Hi Pete,

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful learning experience. I love the picture of you looking over the horizon….pretty cool. Have a great time and thanks for the update. It is very quite at the Student Center without you. haha.

  2. Peter, it was nice to read your blog. You have so much energy, it is good to know you are somewhere where you can use it. Stay warm and keep writing.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I really appreciate you taking the time to give it a read! A lot is planned for the future as well so I plan to be much more frequent with the postings. Hope you are well!

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