A project that is very near and dear to my heart has eclipsed yet ANOTHER milestone. That the project has been able accomplish so much is not just a testament to the Ukrainian trainers and artisans who remain committed to the project, but also to the hard work, diligence, and unwavering support of Sveta and Dave Malenfant as well as Ashley Wichman. I am so proud of everyone who has been touched by Eastern Rinok and thankful to call this a part of my life!

Eastern Rinok / Истерн Рынок

The success of Eastern Rinok can be counted in many ways: the number of artists who have increased their knowledge of good business practices, the number of open stores, the number of trainings our trainers have implemented, to name a few.

Each achievement gives purpose and meaning to our project. We also cherish the non-numerical indicators, like the relationships that have been built between artists who have never met each other in real life. But, one of the most exciting numerical indicators for the leadership team is the number of items sold and the total amount of sales.

We are beyond excited to announce that Eastern Rinok artists have now sold more 356 items for a total of $11,417.07 in sales!

To shine some light on how great an achievement this is for our project: on the date of our first anniversary, December 19th, 2013, our artists had…

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