Final Project Status Update: Funded!

We received some amazing news late last week: Our Eastern Rinok Training of Instructors fundraising goal had been met and we would receive our funds – regardless of the now official US Government shutdown! The biggest take away for me, regardless of politics anywhere: OUR PROJECT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!

Thank you to all who’s generous contributions combined to make this financially possible. Unfortunately, we don’t have a list of all donors, as some contributed anonymously. We have a list of 35 donors who we will be contacting shortly to express our gratitude.

In the meantime…allow Robert Downey, Jr. to express my sentiments…


In what has been an amazing two and a half years serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, this is going to be the climax. Much like many novels, the story builds and builds…sucking you in, cliff-hanger after cliff-hanger, heading one direction, then another, introducing new characters, old characters falling off, plots thickening and changing…until finally…


…it all hits…the way you want it to.

Eastern Rinok has been a large part of the second half of my service and, as mentioned, this training was one of the main factors I decided to extend my service. Now, here it is. This is going to be the final, tangible culmination of my service. Seven of the 11 original justification bullet points I made for staying have come to fruition; others added, some removed. However, with just over one month (38 days, but who is counting) until project implementation, its time to “grind the axe” so to speak.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited, though I am extremely nervous – we definitely have our work cut out for us. Thankfully, a lot has already been done and we are essentially finalizing participants, menus, and determining the curriculum. It will definitely be an action-packed last two months in country for me. My last day as a Peace Corps Volunteer is November, 27, 2013; a date that I will soon never forget. Until that day comes, all I and my fellow volunteers can do is:





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