New Shops + New Items = Progress! / Новые магазины + Новые поступления = Прогресс!

Going with something different this time. Instead of a personal blog, I wanted to show off some of the fruits of labor here in Ukraine. This is our most recent blog post for the Eastern Rinok, a handmade artisans team on Etsy. It is a collaborative project involving Ukrainians and Peace Corps Volunteers that involves opening and maintaining an online, global market. The idea isn’t new here by any means, however the concept is not only educational, but sustainable as well. I’ll be perfectly honest, this is something I’m very excited about (currently I have a training series going in Zap!), and can’t wait to see where we can take it.

Feel free to check out the shops (88 items currently for sale) or give us a Like on Facebook.


Eastern Rinok / Истерн Рынок

We would like to welcome our newest shops: Jolly Carousel, Reflections of Crimea, and Vintage Angel Handmade!

The Eastern Rinok project has been gaining popularity both in the United States and in Ukraine. Currently, 18 shops operate in five (5) cities: Chernigov, Izmail, Staryi Krim, Sumy, and Torez. Altogether, 43 items have been sold for a total of $968.81! Additional artisans are currently being trained in Bakhchysarai, Chernivsti, Cherkassy, Gritsev, Kholmy, Putivl, and Zaporozhye. We hope that all project participants experience continued success and are excited to watch their progress!

The picture below shows some new items for sale in the Eastern Rinok on


Мы бы хотели предложить Вашему вниманию наши новые магазины: Jolly Carousel (Джолли Карусель), Reflections of Crimea (Рифлекшнс ов Краймиа), and Vintage Angel Handmade (Винтаж Эйнжл Хэндмэйд).

Проект Восточный рынок продолжает завоёвывать популярность, как в Соединенных Штатах, так и в Украине. На данный…

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