Ask Yourself: What Do I Desire?

What if Money Was No Object – Narrated by Alan Watts

This video was shared with me yesterday. About 15 seconds in, I knew what my next blog post was going to be. Ironically, it followed a short conversation I had with my training partner for the Eastern Rinok project, Susanna. We had just finished our second successful training and were walking to the bus stop when we paused on a bridge to talk about the history of Zaporozhye.

It turned into a discussion of cultural and society: is one more right or wrong, do the economics of a society play into the mood of the people, and is it more important to live life or focus on a specific set of goals.

We talked about how Western cultures expedite, whereas most Eastern cultures take their time – we actually used the analogy of the length of toasts to highlight this point. Ultimately, we decided that – quite simply – everyone is a collection of the decisions they make, regardless of culture. Most importantly, however you want to define it, we decided that we both like to “just be in the moment, wherever that takes us”…

Anyone who knows me, knows this is appropriate...
Anyone who knows me, knows this is appropriate…

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