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After legitimate thought, I’ve decided to switch my blog to WordPress. For my four religious followers on Tumblr, I thank you and hope this will most likely be a seamless transition. Plus, it’s easier for anyone who wants to read it or see when I actually post something as one can subscribe to this and have it go directly to a personal email account (that should be a pretty big hint right there and I’d recommend personal emails rather than work/school due to people changing jobs, graduating, etc.). This is a link to the Tumblr blog should there be a desire to see what I have posted leading up to this…some may find it entertaining, some informative, some may also find it as a great read to fall asleep to – but I think you all will find aspects somewhat entertaining.

My intention with this isn’t to use as a thought-dump as not all of my thoughts – just like anyone else’s – aren’t always best shared. However what I do want to do is keep people informed of what life is like in another country as an American, what my experience as a Peace Corps Trainee and Volunteer is like, and share Ukrainian Culture with those who will likely never experience it. The most recent Tumblr post is pretty thorough when it comes to explaining the breakdown of what I know so far concerning the Peace Corps and what I can expect so be prepared for a read if you check it out.

With this being the last week in RI, it should be a good one. Weather is beautiful, my parents and friends from home are around and I’ll get bad ass sea food and Italian at some point this week as well. Speaking of Sea Food, check out Legal Sea Foods and be jealous. Below are some pictures from my travels home. I’m still getting used to the fact that I now have an awesome camera (thank you current Texas State IFC Exec) but I am still trying to make sure I figure out how to use it properly before heading overseas.


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